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Houston we've had a problem.
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La celebre conversazione tra gli astronauti dell’Apollo 13, Fred W. Haise, John L. Swigert, James A. Lovell, e Houston…
55:55:20 (9:07 PM CT) - Swigert: "Okay, Houston, we've had a problem here."
55:55:28 - CapCom: "This is Houston. Say again please."
55:55:35 - Lovell: "Ah, Houston, we've had a problem. We've had a main B bus undervolt."
55:55:42 - CapCom (Jack Lousma): "Roger. Main B undervolt. Okay stand by 13, we're looking at it." 55:56:10 - Haise: "Okay. Right now, Houston, the voltage is a... is looking good. And we had a pretty large bang associated with the caution and warning there. And as I recall, main B was the one that had an amp spike on it once before."
55:56:30 - CapCom: "Roger, Fred."
55:56:54 - Haise: "In the interim here, we're starting to go ahead and button up the tunnel again."
55:56:57 - CapCom: "Roger."
55:57:04 - Haise: "That jolt must have rocked the sensor on, see now on O2 quantity 2. It was oscillating down around 20 to 60 percent. Now it's full-scale high again."
55:57:22 - CapCom: "Roger."
55:57:30 - Lovell: "And Houston, we had a restart on our computer. We had a PNGS ("pings") light and restart, reset."
55:57:37 - CapCom: "Roger, restart and a PNGS light... (correcting himself) restart on the PNGS, and reset on the computer."
55:57:44 - Lovell: "Okay. And we're looking at our service module RCS helium 1. We have, B is barber poled and D is barber poled, helium 2, D is barber pole, and secondary propellants, I have A and C barber pole."
55:58:07 - Haise: "Okay, AC 2 is showing zip. I'm going to try and reconfigure on that, Jack."
55:58:13 - CapCom: "Roger."
55:58:25 - Haise: "Yes, we got a main bus A undervolt now too showing."
55:58:29 - CapCom: "Main A undervolt."
55:58:29 - Haise: "It's reading about 25 and a half. Main B is reading zip right now."

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